Central Administration

From Head Office of the Group at 680 –L Modal Town, Jalandhar (Punjab) under the control of Mr. Anil Chopra, Chairman and Mrs. Sangeeta Chopra, Vice Chairperson.

Phone No: 0181-4692000, 98140-64881,098143-45025.


College Administration

General administration of the college is shared by the Director and Principal. The academic work is handled through Dean Academic Affairs; and student related affairs through Dean Student Welfare. In addition, there is a Dean Alumni Association and other committees and clubs for undertaking tasks of the College – both academic and non- academic. In all these committees, the faculty, students, staff and (where required) the alumni, members of the Bar, other stakeholders are given representation while constituting these committees every year. The guidelines of the University/UGC/BCI are followed.

Phone: 98151-58269