In an ambiance of moral decline, only a righteous institution can play an eloquent role in guiding the future of knowledge seekers, investing the learners with wisdom and vision. St. Soldier Group of institutions embrace faculty of Law. It has been established to perform this function earnestly and faithfully. Indoctrination bestows on its recipient multi-fold advantages. It helps in developing physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual faculties.

This Shrine of education with its unique and spacious campus provides a milieu of peace and place for academic pursuits. It is galaxy of true teachers whose aim is to inculcate in the students a genuine passion for enlightenment and creating in them the spirit of discipline, reverence, questioning and service. If you wish your ward to be a Judge, a law manager or Advocate of repute St. Soldier Law College is the only choice with you in Punjab.

We take upon ourselves the responsibility of transforming the dreams and aspirations of our very dear students into reality and we assure them that we will try our level best to make their stay at this college very congenial and pleasant.

Mrs. Sangeeta Chopra
Vice Chairperson
ST. Soldier Educational Society