Welcome to St. Soldier group of Institutions. We offer the best of educational services and atmosphere coupled with the intellectual and technological resources of a world-class infrastructure. The institutes are uniquely positioned to educate the leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to position our technical/non-technical students to be problem solvers, project leaders,communicators , and ethical citizens of global community.

Grounded in our commitment to education, innovation and interdisciplinary research, we offer our students a rich educational experience, an experience that marries intellectual rigor and cross-disciplinary breadth in an intimate, student-centered environment. Through innovative curricula, a teamwork approach, and leadership-building experiences, St. Soldier students gain vital communication and critical-thinking skills. They also benefit from the diverse cultural and intellectual climate of St. Soldier campus. Our students also avail themselves of a huge array of curricular and extracurricular activities.

I invite you to become better acquainted with the St. Soldier group of Institutions, where you will discover not only engineering excellence, but also a campus alive with round-the-clock cultural, artistic and intellectual activity.

Prof. Manhar Arora
Managing Director
ST. Soldier Educational Society