.... From Director (Law College)

With blessings from the founders, guidance of the management and co-operative approach of staff and students, St. Soldier Law College has attained No-1 position amongst Law Colleges of Punjab. And this is only the beginning of our journey to get acclaimed as one of the top five institutions imparting legal education in the country. While our policy to help the poor and deserving students by way of financial assistance as well as special care in academics is an important asset, achieving excellence in semester examinations and modern pedagogy are our tools. This results in our regularly producing judges, law officers, brilliant advocates and civil servants. And it is our extra, targeted and concerted efforts by making beneficial use of our excellent infrastructure that fructifies in a perceptible way. We excel not only in humane and futuristic approach but also in our methodology of training and grooming that includes large scale exposures, both nationally and internationally. 

St. Soldier Law College has a long way to go on the matrix of our plan and strategy. The path can become smoother if more and more ambitious students and their parents join our family. We look forward to seeking showers of blessings from the Almighty, management and the society at large.

 The College is known for starting law Courses opening new vistas of employments. Mention worthy in this respect are BB.A; LL.B and B.Com; LL.B in addition to the traditional courses of B.A; LL.B and LL.B.

 We are happy that our efforts to make this institution of legal studies an excellent one has won appreciation of students, parents, society at large, Bar Council of India and legal fraternity across the country. We look forward to getting more support from social organizations, law firms, corporate houses and lawyers of repute in India and abroad which will help us to build a smoother path to prestigious placements of our students.

 We solicit your guidance and co-operation for achieving our targets with an accelerated pace.


Dr. Subhash C. Sharma

           Director & Principal St. Soldier Law College


Prof. (Dr.) Subhash C. Sharma
Director and Principal
ST. Soldier Law College