Beyond Classroom

We believe legal education cannot be confined to the classroom lectures, but it has to go beyond it within the campus and outside it. For this purpose, St. Soldier provides for:

 On the Campus

Online expert lectures by Retried Judges of The High Court, Ex-Distt. and Sessions Judges, Seniors Advocates, Law Professors. Experts in Social Sciences and Linguistics, Public Dignitaries etc.

  •   Legal Prepositions as Projects for the students.
  •   Debates and Group Discussions on Current Topics with Legal Connotations.
  •   Seminars and Symposia
  •   Moot competitions
  • English Speaking classes in Language Lab.
  • Research Activities
  • NCC,NSS, Cultural and Sports



 Outside Campus

  •    Legal literacy and awareness program under Legal Aid Club.
  •    Campaigns against social evils like drug abuse.
  •    Training programs in companies and lawyer chambers.
  •    Research Projects.
  • NCC & NSS Campus
  •    Visits to institutions of repute and High Court/Supreme Court.
  •    Internships after every semester.
  •    Visits and participation in LokAdalats.
  •    Services as Para-legal in Distt. Legal Services Authority.

 Looking Ahead


The education for what? It is the central question of students and the stake- holders today. Education towards good citizenry is essential but its worth lies in its employable potential. In our Doaba region of Punjab, legal education must further be capable of higher education as well as placements on foreign lands, like Canada, USA, UK and Australia- the preferred destinations. To achieve this we have to walk an extra mile by following means:

  • Supplemented Curriculum with procedural laws, drafting skills and case law orientation.
  • Efficiency in communication skills.
  • Optional papers of modern relevance like Cyber Law, IPR, Human Rights, ADRS, Corporate Law, Banking Laws etc.
  • Value Added Courses like Co-operative Laws, Drafting, Computer use in Law, Municipal Laws, Additional Papers required in dream destinations.